Life is pawfect.

Here at Pawfectly Raw and The Pawfect K-9, we love our pets as much as you do. That’s why we produce only the highest quality raw pet food, and provide daycare, training, boarding, and grooming for your furry loved ones.  We do not offer specialty cuts but bathing and nails is right up our alley.

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Pawfectly Raw…Keeping pets healthy one bite at a time!

Please Note:  We are now asking for 7 business days ahead of time for order pick up and shipping (Saturday and Sunday don’t count) and 14 days for delivery.  Please help us serve you better.  

FAQ:  Frequently Asked Questions

Pawfectly Raw Answers

How does the order process work?

You must place your order through our site.  Please give a cell phone number that we can reach you at while we are on the road.  After your order is placed, if you want it delivered on one of our many delivery routes, please specify the drop location in the notes section of your order.  You can pay upon time of order or cash or check upon delivery.

If you are a pick up at our shop location, your order will be ready after 7 business days.  Please call and check on your order on the day you would like to pick up.  Giving us a heads up will allow the order to be packed and ready for you to pick up when you arrive.

Your order will always say ON HOLD.  It’s not on hold, it is processing.  It’s just how the website works.

If you are picking up at one of our drop locations, you must meet the delivery truck at the times specified on our delivery schedule.  On occasion we are hung up at a previous stop if a customer is late.  We do try to build in enough time, but sometimes things can happen beyond our control.  We do apologize for that and will make any excessive wait time up to you in one way or another.  Please call or text my personal cell phone if there are any issues.  (978) 804-6890

Delivery location orders must be placed 14 days in advance.  If you need an order but missed the deadline, just call me.  I can usually arrange it, but please don’t make it a habit.  

Also, your only confirmation will be the confirmation you received from our website stating your order is on hold and being processed.  Unfortunately, we can not email everyone when the order is processed.  Just feel free to pick up the phone and call.

If by chance, you may have clicked Paypal on your order but decided instead to pay cash upon delivery, if you don’t change that selection back to cash, your order WILL sit on hold in the system and we don’t see it unless we enter through the back side of the website.   If you don’t receive confirmation, please check your spam folder.  Just search Pawfectly Raw.  If you don’t see a confirmation, we don’t have your order.

What grinds (mixes) have bone?

Unless it says boneless, all have bone.

Can I have my order shipped?

Yes, we do ship but will only ship orders on Mondays and Tuedays.  The shipping amount IS NOT the $10 delivery fee that is charged on your order if you check shipping.  Shipping charges will be based upon FEDEX actual charges for shipping.

The Pawfect K-9

Are we a cage free facility?

Yes we are.  We believe your dog should be tired when he leaves here after a day of play.  The only reason anyone would be in a cage is for feeding or time outs.  Otherwise, if you pay for your dog to play with us, that’s what they are going to do…ALL DAY

Do you have different pens for different types/temperament?

Yes we separate our daycare groups by type and temperament.  We are an almost 10,000 sq ft facility.  We have 5 separate indoor pens and 2 outdoor pens.  We have over 3000 sq ft outside and the dogs go out many times daily for quite a bit of time.

Do I have to call ahead to make sure I can bring my dog for daycare?

You can but currently it’s not necessary.  We have plenty of room for your dog to play.

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