Canine Wellness Blend (13 oz)


Canine Wellness Blend™ supports your dog’s overall health by balancing the immune system. All herbs/superfoods in our Wellness blends are certified organic or wildcrafted. When choosing a supplement for your dog, it’s important to find one that has synergy to support all of the body functions and daily requirements. Canine Wellness Blend has just that. There are no fillers or bulk agents, (a 50 lb dog needs only 1 tsp. daily) only pure absorbable organic ingredients that all work together to bring balance to your dogs’ body and overall well-being.

This synergistic blend of Adaptogens* and Superfoods help maintain optimal health and reduce the negative effects of stress by bringing balance to all body systems.

The powers of herbs in Canine Wellness Blend™ (see more info)

PLEASE NOTE: Not for use with pregnant animals.