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CBD Oil…not all CBD Oil Is The Same!

People have asked me about my CBD oil.  I carry only Hempworx products for several reasons.

  1.  Hempworxs CBD oils are pure.  They don’t add any coconut oil or Olive oil to them.  What you are buying is pure CBD Oil.  Why pay extra money for Olive or Coconut oils?
  2.  Hempworx CBD oils are made right here in the Good Ole’ USA.  They are made in Kentucky.
  3.  Hempworx CBD oils are ORGANIC NON GMO.

CBD Serving for Pets, Cats, Dogs:

Size: 250 mg

1 20 lbs = 1 – 2 mg, 4 – 8 drops

21-45 lbs= 2 – 3 mg, 8-12 drops

46-74 lbs =  4 – 5 mg, 16-20 drops

CBD Serving