Enhance your best friend’s quality of life while you are away with help from The Pawfect K-9. Our female owned and operated pet care and training facility in Nashua, New Hampshire, provides a holistic approach to training and caring for your canine companions.


Our daycare options feature supervised, all-day free play in groups based on size and temperament.  We firmly believe that if you wanted your dog in a crate all day or for half the day, you would have left them at home.  We have over 3000 sq ft in our outdoor play yard as well as almost 10,000 sq ft inside.  It is an old warehouse, so it may not be “aesthetically pleasing”, but the dogs don’t care and they get to play all day long.  When I searched for a bu I wanted a stand alone building on a dead end road to be able to have a large outdoor play area where barking and playing dogs wouldn’t disturb the neighbors.  Dogs, like children, should be outside playing as well as be able to do their “business” outside.  Our outdoor area features 3 playpens with peastone to keep the dogs fairly clean when they play.  We do have a couple diggers so at times, dirt is flying.  We stop them when they begin…but some are persistent.  LOL!!  Summertime is fun time!  We have kiddie pools and most of the dogs love it!  In winter, during a storm…we will play outside with them chasing snow balls (snow permitting).

We also don’t just try to put your dog in a group and hope they do well.  We slowly introduce your dog one on one to others.  If your dog is having trouble socializing, we don’t just reject them…we work with them.  Not every dog is going to like everyone.  It’s like when your parents had a friend and you were made to play with this annoying kid…you didn’t like them, but mom and dad made you play.  Dogs are the same way.  But they need to respect others even if they don’t like them.  We work them through those issues and find suitable playmates.

Being a breeder myself, I understand the need for intact dogs to have a place to play.  Your well-socialized intact dog is welcome to join us.  We also welcome young puppies to join our playgroups and learn how to be a well adjusted adult.

My own beliefs in caring for my dogs is a holistic one.  While I understand that the holistic approach isn’t for everyone, I do have reasons why I feel the way I do.  After losing so many dogs to over-vaccinating, I started doing my research and well, it just made sense.  If you are curious, look up Dogs Naturally.  It’s a wonderful and amazing read that is a real eye opener.  Almost all of our daycare pups have all of their vaccines per vet schedule, but some of our pet parents feel the same way I do and are treated with homeopathic nosodes.  They all are up to date on Rabies vaccines which is the law.

We love furbabies at The Pawfect K-9.  Every single one of us is loved by at least one furbaby…and some of us have several….like me…I am loved by 4 French Bulldogs, 4 French Mastiffs, 1 Horse and 3 Cats.  Don’t you just wish all people could be like your dog?  Loving and excited to see you when you get home….and if you’ve had a terrible day, they just seem to make it all better!!

Anyway, we believe that your dog should be tired when they head home with you.  If they aren’t, we didn’t do our job right.  (Unless you have one of those boundless energy dogs…and we have a few here.)

Come meet us!  When your dog is a part of The Pawfect K-9 Family…you are too!   As any of our pet parents!   When you go on our facebook page, feel free to pipe in and ask a question…see what our pet parents say.  We are not overloaded.  We are the largest facility in the area by far and have plenty of room for your pups!

Check out our Facebook Page to see our facility and see what a typical day is like for the pups @ The Pawfect K-9.

Daycare Rates:

M-F, 6:00 am – 7:00pm
$26/day  |  2 dogs $44/day

Saturday, 7:30am – 5pm
$26/day  |  2 dogs $44/day

1/2 Day Rate (any 6 hrs)
$16  |  2 dogs $27

Daycare Passes (Coupons do not apply):

$450/ 20 visits 1 Dog   $800 for 2 dogs
$245/ 10 Visits 1 Dog   $450 for 2 dogs
$350 for 1 month unlimited Mon – Sat 1 Dog   $575 for 2 dogs.

While we do offer military discounts,  we can not deduct off the package pricing.  They are already an awesome deal!!  Sorry guys!


While you are away, let your friend stay with The Pawfect K-9. Our canine boarding facility in Nashua, New Hampshire, offers safe, healthy, and fun day care and multi-day boarding options your best friend is sure to love.


Spacious kennels, perfect for accommodating any size dog, offer a welcomed retreat for your pups. During their stay, your pet will enjoy playtime in our daycare with other dogs if you would like.  If you choose, your pet can have a treat such as raw food (our specialty) or a fresh marrow bone to keep them entertained.  In addition, if your buddy needs medications, we will gladly take care of its administration.

Our kennels are 5×5 kennels and your dog will have neighbors.  We do have several kennels for non-social dogs which are 5×8 and they can’t see their neighbors.

Feel free to drop off your pet’s comforts from home.  Their food is a must unless you feed raw and if he/she has a favorite bed or toy, please drop it off with them to make their vacation just as comfortable as yours.  Unless they use a special bowl, please keep bowls at home.  We have plenty!!

If you would like them to be bathed before they go home, we can accommodate that as well!

Boarding Rates:
$25/day  |  2 dogs $44/day
Pick up by 11am on day of pick up. Additional $15 if after 11am unless your pet has a bath and nails, then there’s no $15 fee, it just the cost of the bath and nails.  (Monthly’s don’t pay that fee…just another perk of monthly pups.)

Boarding with Daycare Rates:
$35/day  |  2 dogs $64/day

Why choose us?

  • We offer a holistic approach at our facility.
  • Intact dogs are welcome.
  • 5×5 Kennels and (3) 5×8 privacy kennels.
  • We have no breed restrictions
  • Family groups (can be boarded together).
  • We are the ONLY facility in Nashua with over 3,000 sq ft OUTSIDE
  • We are a cage-free daycare.  A tired dog is a happy family!!
  • 10% Military Discount.

That’s only the beginning! Call us at (603) 577-1576 for full details and to schedule a tour of our facility, or fill out the contact form below!

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