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Detox / Liver Cleanse (7 oz)


Detox / Liver Cleanse™

Assists the body in combating heavy metals and environmental pollutants. Helps preserve liver and kidney functions.

Detox/Liver Cleanse™ assists the body to:

  • Combat heavy metals and environmental pollutants
  • Preserve liver and kidney function
  • Promote cleansing impurities from the liver and colon
  • Enhance metabolic functioning of the liver for normal blood cleansing
  • Clear and Protect
Constituents in Detox/Liver Cleanse™ bind with heavy metals found in the intestines to prevent the absorption of them, eliminate toxins and other indigestible matter built up in the colon, optimize the liver and kidney function, move the lymphatics and enhance normal blood cleansing. All may help the body to function more efficiently.
All Ingredients Non-GMO