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About us & our products

Are your products USDA approved?

We get this question often enough. USDA means it’s fit for human consumption. Our ground products will never be USDA approved since we grind bone and tripe into our blends. However, other than green tripe, pancreas, trachea and esophagus of which none will ever be USDA or for human consumption, all of our products BEGIN with USDA inspected, approved and in date product. This is very important as more often than not, most of your “pet food” companies use 4D (dead, downed, diseased, dying). We will never use downed or previously dead in any of our blends. Aside from the obvious reasons on why we wouldn’t use 4D meats, these animals (especially cows) are very valuable to farmers so when an animal is downed from an unknown reason, the vet comes out and pumps lots of medications into that animal. If it still dies, those medications are not metabolized completely. If you fed the meat from this animal, your pet will be receiving a dosage of every medication that animal was given before it was euthanized which if done medicinally would also transfer into your pet’s food. You will be very pleasantly surprised with the quality of our products.

All of our products that are still sealed in their cases or in cryovac packaging from the processor are USDA approved and can be consumed by humans. As long as the integrity of the packaging is intact, the product is still fit for human consumption.

Is Pawfectly Raw a co-op?

No, we are not a co-op. Anyone can buy as little or as much as they need. You can grab food for the day, week or month. There is no fee to order from us. We charge a delivery fee to meet the truck at a drop location but that’s all you pay.

Can I just come to the store and pick up something?

Yes, you absolutely can. Currently, all our products are made to order, but in the course of production we do make extra chubs. If you can be flexible with the selections, we can always provide you with something.

I need a special mix for my pet. Can you make it?

Yes, we can make it.  We package and process everything in house.  As long as we can source the proteins, we can make any blend you wish.  Custom grinds have a 30 lb minimum to accommodate the size of our machines.

Which grinds (mixes) have bone?

Unless it says boneless, all have bone. We can NOT grind any bones larger than a turkey so lamb, pork and beef are all boneless unless they’re mixed with another protein that contains bones like chicken, turkey, duck, etc.

I see you have products with fruits and veggies, how are they processed?

Like our meats, our fruits and veggies are fit for human consumption. We purchase produce that you would eat and put it into your pet’s food. Nothing we use is out of date. We wash our fruits and veggies before processing. Fruits are pureed and veggies are blanched, pureed, and added to the food.
At Pawfectly Raw, we take pride in what we do. We feed our show dogs exactly what we feed your dogs. None of our products are out of date. Unlike a lot of our competitors, we begin our products with only USDA-approved ingredients, both for fruits and veggies. We minimally process our meats. They are pre-ground in preparation for packaging in 1, 2 and 5 lb chubs as well as our new 4 oz patties. We then weigh out the recipes just like baking a cake and package the product. There is no HPP processing here. Our meats and fruits are 100% raw. Our veggies are blanched and pureed to make the nutrients bioavailable for canine and feline digestion.

I have a pet store and would like to offer your products. Can you do that?

Yes, we actually offer private labeling for you. The reason for this is so your customers remain YOUR customers. You can charge what you want for the product. Simply choose a few mixes you would like to carry and you can either purchase your own labels or let us know what design you would like on yours.

How much of your raw food should I feed my dog?

While raw feeding is not an exact science and is a balance over time, the basic guideline is 2.5 % of their IDEAL ADULT weight. If they are working dogs and are more active, they may require more food. If the dog is older and a couch potato, decrease food over the course of a couple weeks and when you have reached the ideal body condition, that is your proper ration.

Shipping & delivery

Can I have my order shipped?

Yes, we do ship but only ship orders on Mondays and Tuesdays. The shipping amount IS NOT the $10 delivery fee that is charged on your order if you check shipping. Shipping cost will be based on what FedEx charges for shipping plus the cost of the cooler bag it’s shipped in.

How does the order process work?

You must place your order through our site. Please give a cell phone number that we can reach you at while we are on the road.  After your order is placed, if you want it delivered on one of our many delivery routes, please specify the drop location in the notes section of your order.  You can pay when you order or with cash or check upon delivery.
If you want to pick up an order at our shop, it will be ready after 7 business days. (The first business day is 24 hours after you place your order—so if you order on a Tuesday, count Wednesday as the first day).
Please call and check on your order on the day you would like to pick it up. Giving us a heads up will allow us to get your order packed and ready before you arrive. We can’t call everyone to let them know their order is ready, but we do try.

Why does my order show up as ON HOLD?

Your order will always show up as ON HOLD.  It’s not on hold, it’s being processed.  It’s just how the website works.

How does the delivery work?

If you are picking up at one of our drop locations, you must meet the delivery truck at the times specified on our delivery schedule.  Occasionally we get delayed at a previous stop if a customer is late. We do try to build in enough time, but sometimes things can happen beyond our control.  We apologize for that and will make any excessive wait time up to you in one way or another.  Please call or text Tracy, the owner, at her personal cell phone number if there are any issues: (978) 804-6890.
Delivery location orders must be placed 14 days in advance. If you need an order but missed the deadline, just call me. I can usually arrange it, but please don’t make it a habit.
Also, your only confirmation will be the confirmation you received from our website stating your order is on hold and being processed.  Unfortunately, we can not email everyone when the order is processed.  Just feel free to pick up the phone and call.
If by chance you clicked to pay by credit card on the site but decided instead to pay cash upon delivery, if you don’t change that selection back to cash, your order WILL sit on hold in the system and we won’t see it unless we enter through the back side of the website. If you don’t receive confirmation, please check your spam folder. Just search Pawfectly Raw. If you don’t see a confirmation, we don’t have your order.

If I have a group of people who want to order food but we aren’t that close to your drop location, can you add a location for us?

I can absolutely add a location for you. If there’s a location you would like to add, just contact us.
We are trying to get a Rhode Island group together. If you are in RI or near RI and have some friends, we are trying to get a group together for you. Call or text me at (978) 804-6890!

Still have questions?

If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for, drop us a line and we’ll be more than happy to assist you.