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Our Standards.

The difference between clever marketing and a high-quality product is in the standards.These are ours.

The Pawfectly Raw Commitment

We’re dedicated to providing pet nutrition that
you can trust, and this is how we achieve it.

No to the 4D

The 4D stands for down, dying, diseased or dead. Saying no to the 4D means that we refuse to use meat from sick animals, because we know that it just leads to more sick animals. Our meat comes from animals that were healthy at the time of slaughter.

Hungry dog next to its food and water bowls
a cat and a dog eating food with USDA-approved ingredients.

USDA-approved ingredients*

The highest standards of safety and hygiene aren’t only reserved for human food. Most of our ingredients are USDA approved, giving customers the peace of mind that comes with knowing that a thorough, third-party inspection has been performed on the facilities that produce their fur babies’ dinner.

*We source most of our products from USDA inspected, approved and in-date facilities, the very same places your grocery store sources from. Four ingredients are not USDA inspected: green tripe, trachea, pancreas and esophagus.

Fresh & safe

We don’t like eating spoiled food, so we don’t feed it to our pets, either. When you buy from Pawfectly Raw, you can rest assured that our meat is processed quickly to uphold the highest standards of freshness. Not only is fresh meat safer, but your pet will taste the difference, too.

a dog laying next to its food bowl filled with fresh and safe food
human-grade meat food bowl

Human-grade meat

Our fur babies are our kids, so we treat (and feed) them that way. Human-grade meat isn’t just a catchphrase. The meat we use for our pet food is the same meat we use on a daily basis when we cook up burgers or tacos at home. And it’s delicious.

Local cows

We believe that local businesses are the backbone of our economy, so we take every chance we can to support them. Our green tripe, pancreas and trachea come from cows raised on local farms. These animals aren’t shipped in from faraway places and, to us, that’s important.


a cat eating from its food bowl

No marketing fluff

We could invest in a pretty package and raise prices to cover the expense, but we prefer to keep it simple and let our reputation for quality put us head and tails above the rest. After all, slick marketing isn’t going to give your pet a better quality of life, but our food will.

Ready to make the switch that
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