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Dehydrated Duck Feet (per pound)


Turn your pup into a quack addict.  These are a must have treat.  Not only do dogs love them, but pet parents love them too.  They have many incredible benefits including but not limited to:

1.  Natures tooth brush

2.  A natural glucosamine and chondrointin that will go to their joints better than any pill on the market.  Honestly, your dog that can’t make it upstairs will be walking those stairs.  The difference is the glucosamine and chondrointin are all natural so it gives your pets body the right recipe to disassemble it and reassemble it in RNA.  RNA is basically the bodys building blocks for healing.

3.  They are a nice treat after a long walk and your pet has no idea they are eating healthy…they just love them!



  1. Brighid (verified owner)

    Fantastic! Our Great Dane considers these Doggy Crack, we call it his nightly Quack. They are easily chewed and digested. We have ordered for yeas and they are high quality, fully dehydrated (no mold issues) and a great healthy treat.

  2. Parag (verified owner)

    Yeah so if you don’t get these for your dog, you are depriving them of something they will LOVE. My boy cannot get enough of them, he is DEFINITELY a quack addict!

  3. Elizabeth LaPointe (verified owner)

    I ran out of the dog’s joint supplement about the time I started giving these to my pups regularly. Not only do they “dance” with excitement by the drawer they’re kept in, mobility and comfort in my older lab has improved despite not replacing their joint supplement. Pretty sure these are the reason!

  4. Mark Morrison (verified owner)

    Our two goldens love these. We just say “duckfoot ” and they run to the treat closet. One note: we ran out once from Pawfectly Raw and Amazoned dried duck feet as a temp replacement. They were waxy and coated and neither golden would eat them. Buy these, not a substitute!

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These are a MUST HAVE!!  Our own Dehydrated Duck Feet are a hit with almost any dog!!  They are a natural Glucosamine and Chondroitin that will be better used by their body than a pill….and they are easier to get them to take as well.

Dehydrated Duck Feet….Happily Turning Dogs into QUACK ADDICTS One Dog at a Time!