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What are the best pet supplements for your dogs?

Jul 20, 2023

After navigating the confusing world of pet food, where it can be hard to tell apart a high-quality product from one with high-quality marketing, the pet parent faces a new challenge: pet supplements. Specifically, dog owners ask themselves, does my pup really need pet supplements? And, if so, which of the infinite ones on the market actually live up to their promises? 

In this blog post, we’ll focus on the pet supplements that are proven to be effective. And we have some good news: if your dog is eating a nutritious, raw diet, you won’t need to buy many supplements. But there are some that can give a helpful nutritional boost, especially if your dog is getting up there in age or suffers from a pre-existing medical condition. 

Bone broth pet supplements 

Bone broth is a stock made by boiling animal bones, complete with their marrow and connective tissue. In the last few years, many people have become aware of the amazing nutritional power of bone broth and started adding it to their diets in hopes of boosting their energy levels or improving the health of their joints and hair. As it turns out, not only is bone broth great for humans, but it’s also an ideal pet supplement for dogs. 

When simmered down, whole bones and connective tissue turn into an easily digestible broth that’s rich in minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, iron, selenium and zinc. Bone broth also contains an abundance of vitamins, including vitamin A, B2, B12 and E. Last but not least, thanks to the connective tissue, this elixir provides a dose of glucosamine and chondroitin, which are commonly used in pet supplements to treat canine arthritis and joint pain. 

As far as pet supplements go, bone broth has the added benefit of being as natural as they come, with no fillers or other additives that could upset your pup’s stomach. In addition to the joint health benefits that come with the glucosamine and chondroitin and the all-around health benefits that come with any supplement so packed with vitamins and minerals, bone broth may improve the health of your dog’s skin and coat since it contains the protein collagen. 

There is also evidence suggesting that the amino acid glycine, which is found in bone broth, may have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects. Since bone broth, unlike most pet supplements, comes in liquid form, it has the added advantage of helping to keep your pet hydrated (this is especially important on hot summer days). 

Pawfectly Raw sells a variety of bone broth supplements; you can purchase frozen, pre-made duck bone broth with veggies and turmeric or a pre-made mixed broth with beef marrow and duck feet (which also contains veggies and turmeric). Or, if you prefer, buy the beef marrow bones and make your own broth at home. 

Pet supplements containing turmeric

Turmeric, a vibrant yellow spice derived from the Curcuma longa plant, has long been revered for its potent anti-inflammatory properties. Inflammation is thought to play a significant role in a wide range of health conditions, including allergies, digestive disease, arthritis, heart disease, and even cancer. Anti-inflammatory foods such as turmeric, therefore, act as natural preventative medicine and are a crucial element in pet supplements. 

Turmeric also boasts impressive antioxidant properties. Antioxidant foods fight free radicals in the body, helping to prevent cell damage and essentially slowing the aging process. So, there is reason to believe that including turmeric in your dog’s diet, along with a range of other nutritious foods and a regular exercise routine, can actually lead to your dog having a longer, happier life. 

At Pawfectly Raw, we add turmeric to our bone broth to give it that extra kick of nutrition that can make all the difference. If you want a pet supplement that puts turmeric at the front and center, we also sell a golden paste that you can add to your pup’s meals.

Raw goat’s milk 

Raw goat’s milk is another all-natural food that you may consider using as a pet supplement. Compared to cow’s milk, goat’s milk is higher in calcium, protein and calories. So it may be a good option for a dog that is recovering from illness and needs to put on weight. 

Additionally, goat’s milk is high in both probiotics and prebiotics, which means that it may lend a hand in improving your dog’s gut health and, by extension, their immune system. Plus, since goat’s milk contains slightly less lactose than cow’s milk, it might be a bit more digestible for pups with sensitive stomachs. 

Final thoughts

If your pet has a pre-existing condition, or if you’d just like more information about dosage or possible side effects, consult with a vet before giving supplements to your dog. 

At the following link you can find the all-natural pet supplements that Pawfectly Raw offers. 

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